Five Common Mistakes When Reporting a Missouri Boat Accident

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Missouri boat accidents are undoubtedly traumatic. When you are out on the water and someone fails to take care, you may be left with serious and potentially life-changing injuries. Although the other boater may initially take responsibility for the boat crash, his insurance company may try to trick you into taking some level of fault for the accident. This can happen without your knowing that they are tricking you, leaving you to pay for another person’s negligence.

To stay protected, here are five common mistakes to avoid in your Missouri boat accident claim:

  1. Don’t assume you are okay. Although you may not feel too bad at the time of the crash, many injuries can take time to appear. When you are in an accident, the adrenaline rushing through your body can hide the symptoms. Assuming you are okay immediately following the accident can put you at risk of failing to seek proper medical treatment.
  2. Don’t avoid going to the emergency room. People who love the outdoors hate to be taken away from their favorite spot to go to see a doctor. Getting immediate medical attention is vital to your health and to your claim. Don’t hesitate to go to urgent care or the emergency room, even if you feel as if you will be okay.
  3. Don’t fail to report the accident. Federal law requires that most boat accidents be reported within 48 hours. Don’t fail to make this report, or you will lack crucial documentation in your claim.
  4. Don’t give a recorded statement. The insurance representative from the guilty party’s insurance company will contact you and may ask you for a recorded statement. You do not have to provide this statement.
  5. Don’t try to fight the claim alone. Missouri boat accident claims are complex and require experience to file. Don’t try to go it alone. Contact a Missouri boat accident attorney to help you get the best results after a traumatic event.

No matter how confident you feel in the other person who caused the accident, you are not fighting them. Battling insurance companies after a Lake of the Ozarks accident is not easy. Contact one of our Missouri boat accident lawyers at (573) 240-8866 to help you get the settlement you deserve after your accident.

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