Beware Fall Boating Risks on the Lake of the Ozarks

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As a boater, it is hard to see the summer end. It can be difficult to endure the many months when boating is just not a viable option in Missouri, but all of the fun doesn’t have to be over just because Labor Day has passed. Instead, some relatively warm, fall days may remain to extend the 2013 boating season a few more weeks.

Know About Fall Boating Risks on the Lake of the Ozarks Before You Leave Shore

Many of the boating risks remain the same whether you boat in the spring, summer, or fall. Intoxicated boating or distracted boating, for example, may be risky during any season. However, you should know about some other risks during the fall:

  • Weather and seasonal changes. It will become dark earlier in October than it was in July, and the winds can be fiercer.
  • Complacency. You’ve been boating all summer without incident. It is important not to become so relaxed that you fail to be safe.
  • Water temperature. The water temperature may still be warm in early September but may become colder by late October, which can make survival more difficult if you fall overboard.

Of course, there are always other risks on the Lake of the Ozarks, and you should always be cautious, regardless of the season.

Call an Osage Beach Boat Accident Lawyer if You’re Hurt

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