Top Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Missouri Personal Injury Lawyer

Price & Randle

After a car accident in Springfield, Columbia, or Sedalia, your life may be shattered. Suddenly, you face unexpected expenses, time lost at work or from friends to heal, and property damage that can devalue your car and cost you money. You need someone who will work hard to help you pick up the pieces and get your life back to normal as quickly as possible.

Finding the right Missouri auto accident lawyer is not always easy. With so many attorneys promising great things to those who work with them, you may not know who you can trust or to turn to. Before you say yes to working with a Missouri personal injury attorney, ask these questions to get a better idea of the type of help you will receive:

  • What experience do you have working with personal injury claims in Missouri? The answer to this may surprise you. Many attorneys have a variety of practice areas. These attorneys may not have the vehicle accident experience you need to get the best outcome in your claim.
  • What past case results have you achieved for people like me? You have a right to know what to expect when working with a Missouri car accident attorney. An attorney proud of his track record will be happy to share past case results with you. Even though no two cases are the same, these case results give you the best idea of what you can expect when working with the lawyer.
  • How can we handle this with minimal conflict? You have been through enough! You do not need more conflict than is necessary. Talk to your attorney to find out if he is aggressive and experienced enough to fight on your behalf without creating unnecessary conflict and stress in your life.

At Price & Randle, LLC, we pride ourselves on being an exclusively personal injury law firm. We know what it takes to help you get the best possible result out of your car accident claim without putting you through undue stress. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you get your life back together quickly and easily.

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