How to File Your Missouri Boat Accident Claim Without Making Critical Errors

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Every year, approximately 8,000 people are hurt and 800 people are killed from boating accidents in the United States. The majority of these accidents can be avoided.

Missouri jet ski accidents and boat crashes happen most often when a person acts negligently, failing to follow basic safety precautions. This can put other boaters, swimmers, jet skiers, and water lovers at risk of serious and sometimes fatal injury. If you have been harmed by another boater’s negligence, you have rights! Knowing where to start when filing a claim is not always easy.

Here are a few tips to help you when filing your Missouri boat crash claim.

  • Report the boat accident to the authorities immediately. Federal law requires that serious boating accidents that involve severe injuries or significant property damage be reported within 48 hours to the authorities. File a report with your local boating authority as soon as possible to document what happened.
  • Gather evidence. The best evidence can be gathered within hours of the accident. Taking pictures of injuries and damage can show the outcome of the other person’s negligence. You should also write down what you remember happening prior to the accident, the position of each vessel and person, as well as any other details that could help you prove that the other person was negligent.
  • Do not speak to an insurance representative. Insurance representatives will want to be in touch with you to try to get recorded statements about what happened. Do not speak to these people! Insurance adjusters play many games to trick victims into taking partial responsibility for the accident. When this happens, you may be left to pay for the mistakes of others.
  • Contact a Missouri boat accident lawyer. Filing a claim and working with the insurance company can be overwhelmingly difficult. This is a burden you should not have to bear as you recover from the trauma of the crash. Contact our boat accident lawyers in Missouri to get aggressive representation that will give you the best outcome possible for your claim.

When you have been hurt because of another boater’s negligence, you are entitled to compensation for your injuries. Call our Missouri personal injury law firm for help filing your boat accident claim so that you can be confident you do not fall victim to tricks that could jeopardize your settlement. Our firm offers free no-obligation consultations, call today.

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