Filing a Missouri Wrongful Death Lawsuit: Five Damages You Can Recover

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After the death of a loved one, you and your family cannot think about anything other than going through the grieving process and honoring your loved one in the best way possible. Although wrong-doing—whether intentional or negligent—may be the cause of your loved one’s death, filing a lawsuit against those responsible may be difficult to think about. Still, this necessary procedure must be done.

Missouri wrongful death lawsuits are specific about what a family can collect. With both economic and non-economic compensation packages, knowing what you are eligible for can be helpful when filing a wrongful death claim in Missouri. Here are five damages you can recover:

  1. Loss of income or support. The income that you expected to receive and now suddenly have lost can leave you in financial disarray. This may leave you eligible to receive financial support in your wrongful death claim.
  2. Medical costs associated with the injury. If your loved one was treated and has high medical costs associated with the injuries that led to his or her death, you should not have to pay for them. Instead, these should be included in your settlement.
  3. Funeral or burial costs. For many people who suddenly lose a loved one, funeral or burial costs may not have been set aside to pay for this meaningful event. These expenses may be included in your settlement, up to a reasonable value.
  4. Mental anguish, including grief or loss of companionship. Losing a child, spouse, or parent in a sudden an unexpected manner can cause enormous grief. Financial compensation may be included to help ease these feelings.
  5. Punitive damages. The person whose mistakes cost your loved on their life should not go unpunished. Punitive damages are common in Missouri wrongful death claims.

Each of these damages encompasses a variety of factors. Don’t try to navigate the system on your own to try to determine how much you deserve. Instead, get help from an experienced Missouri wrongful death lawyer to be sure you are getting everything you deserve.

With help from an Osage Beach wrongful death lawyer at Price & Randle LLC, you can get a better understanding of what you are entitled to under the law, and put an aggressive, experienced advocate on your side when fighting back against the people that caused your loved one to be taken from you so suddenly. Call us today to schedule a free consultation and learn more about how we can help you during this immensely difficult time in your life.

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