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What to Do After a Lake of the Ozarks of Other Missouri Boating Accident

Boating accidents present a complex variety of legal and insurance coverage issues. Boating accidents are not the same as auto accidents. Insurance policies and coverages are different from a normal auto policy. Just like the road, there are rules for driving a boat in a proper and safe manner; however, these rules are very different from the rules of the road.

Please remember, every injury claim has a statue of limitations. There is a limited period of time available in which to file your lawsuit. If you miss this window of opportunity, you cannot later bring a lawsuit and will be completely barred from pursuing a claim. This statutory time period varies depending on the type of case and particular fact pattern. It is absolutely essential that you protect your rights immediately. DO NOT SETTLE YOUR CLAIM OR SIGN A RELEASE WITHOUT CONSULTING AN ATTORNEY. At Price & Randle, LLC, we thoroughly evaluate all possible avenues that might provide compensation. This investigation includes an in depth process of insurance coverage evaluation and asset location. Contact Price & Randle, LLC for a Free Consultation.