Let it Ring: The Dangers of Distracted Teen Driving in Missouri

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Let it Ring:  Distracted Teen Driving


A recent study has found that parents have a direct role in their teens driving habits when it comes to cell phone use.  According to this study (see link), over half of teens surveyed admitted to talking with their father or mother while driving.

The most simple reason given by the surveyed teen drivers was their moms and dads get angry with them if they do not answer their phones right away.  These young drivers are choosing appeasing our culture’s need for immediate access over their own safety and the safety of others.  These same teenagers also attribute cell phone use when driving to observing their parents doing the exact same thing!

As we all know now, and as we have seen time and time again through the tragic cases that come through our doors, distracted driving now one of the leading causes of car accidents.  Specifically for teenagers, it causes 11% of fatal accidents.  Of all crashes among teens, 21% involved cell phone use.

The author of this same study notes that there are several phone apps that can alert a caller if the call subject is driving.  Some such apps include DriveOFF for Android users, and DriveMode for Iphone users.  Other apps shut down texting function for phones travelling over a certain speed.

Besides talking to their teens about the dangers of cell phone use and driving, parents also need to lead by example.  It is likely that all parents have practiced the same distracted behavior as their teens.  Unfortunately, the other drivers on the road may not be following that same advice.

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