Missouri Shooting Deaths Leave Families With Complex Questions

Price & Randle

We have seen a marked rise in the number of people contacting us with regard to shooting incidents.  The violence and extensive damage caused by gunshot wounds often leave families so grief stricken that it is very difficult to take any steps toward protecting potential claims and seeking damages for the dependents of the shooting victim.  However, without the proper steps taken, claims are often ignored and ultimately lost.

Remember, if your family member was injured or killed due to a shooting, the local prosecutor is in charge of any possible criminal charges/proceedings; however, it is not their responsibility to help you pursue a civil claim for money damages.  You need to consult with a civil personal injury attorney to get answers in relation to civil fault and money damages.

Death or serious injury from shooting brings up some serious civil considerations.  When a shooting occurs there will be questions of fault and intention.  Was the shooting intentional, reckless, accidental or self-defense?  Answering these questions specifically is necessary for an analysis of determining fault and the insurance coverages applicable to the shooter, property owner where the shooting occurred or other possible parties. These are just a few issues that are directly applicable to shooting accident victims.

Our law firm handles these questions daily, and we can help you answer these complex questions.

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