How a Seat Belt Can Fail You in a Missouri Car Accident

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Seat belts seem like one of the most straightforward parts of your rather complicated car. After all these years, can seat belts really fail and cause you, or someone whom you love, to suffer a significant injury?

Seat Belts May Still Be Defective in 2013

Despite advances in car safety, seat belts may still be defective and may cause drivers or passengers to suffer more significant injuries than they would’ve had to suffer had the seat belt been working properly. Some of the ways in which a seat belt may be defective include:

  • Design defects. Seat belts should be designed to withstand the impact of a reasonably anticipated crash. If the seat belt design does not allow the buckle to provide that protection, then there could be a design defect.
  • Manufacturing problems. The design of the seat belt may have been safe. However, if that design was not properly followed during the manufacturing of the seat belt or the installation of the buckle into the car, then the seat belt could be dangerous or fail to protect you in a crash.

An investigation can determine what caused your seat belt to fail and what caused you to suffer your specific injuries.

Call a Missouri Defective Seat Belt Attorney Today to Learn More

If a defective seat belt hurt you during a Missouri accident, then it is important to understand why you have been injured and what you can do about it. Please contact a Missouri defective seat belt lawyer today at (573) 240-8866 for more information about your possible claim and your possible recovery.

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