Have You Been Hurt in a Missouri Airbag Failure Accident?

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You purchased your car secure in the knowledge that it came equipped with airbags that would help protect your from a serious car accident injury, should a collision occur. However, what happens if the airbags do not work as intended? What can you do to recover if you have been hurt in a Missouri airbag failure accident?

3 Ways Missouri Airbag Failure Accidents May Occur

Generally, an airbag failure can occur three ways. An airbag failure may cause injury if:

  1. The airbag deploys in a minor, low speed accident or without a collision. In these situations, an airbag may actually cause more injuries than it prevents.
  2. The airbag deploys with the wrong amount of force. If the airbag comes out too forcefully, it may cause injuries that would not have otherwise occurred.
  3. The airbag fails to deploy in a serious crash. If the airbag fails to deploy when it is designed to do so, then serious injuries may result.

Of course, other types of airbag accidents may also be possible, and you should contact a Missouri airbag injury lawyer directly if you have been hurt in any way.

Call a Missouri Defective Product Attorney if You’ve Been Hurt

If a defective airbag has caused your accident injury, made your accident injury significantly worse than it otherwise would’ve been, or failed to protect you from injury, then it is important to call an experienced Missouri defective product lawyer as soon as possible to discuss your legal rights and possible recovery.

For more information, please contact a Missouri airbag injury lawyer today via this website or by calling (573) 240-8866 to set up an initial meeting.

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