3 Reasons to Seek Medical Help After a Missouri Slip and Fall Injury

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You haven’t gone to the doctor yet. Maybe you just hate going to the doctor, maybe you don’t have health insurance, or maybe the process of getting to the doctor just seems overwhelming. You know that the injury that you have suffered in a recent Missouri slip and fall accident is painful, but likely not life threatening.

You Need to Go to the Doctor Anyway—Here’s Why

Before you make your decision about seeking medical treatment, we urge to remember that:

  • Your injury may be more severe than you think. Medical treatment may stop the progression of the injury and/or provide you with pain relief.
  • Your physical recovery may be influenced by your lack of medical care. You may not recuperate fully without surgery, a cast, or another medical intervention.
  • Your financial and legal recovery may be affected by your decision to forego medical care. Your medical records may be important in helping to prove your case.

In most cases, the benefits of seeing a doctor outweigh the costs or inconveniences of making the appointment and getting the care that you need.

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