3 Types of Auto Defects That Can Result in Serious Missouri Car Accidents

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As a driver, you knew that there was a risk of being hurt every time you got behind the wheel of the car. You were prepared for the possible injuries that you could face if another driver made a negligent decision and caused a car crash. However, you may not have been prepared for the injuries that you are suffering now from an auto defect that resulted in your Missouri car accident and injuries.

3 Ways Auto Manufacturers May Cause Car Defects That Result in Accident Injuries

Carmakers have a responsibility to provide reasonably safe vehicles to consumers. A vehicle manufacturer may fail to do that and might allow an unsafe vehicle to be driven in one of three ways. Specifically, there could be a problem with the:

  1. Design of the car
  2. Manufacturing of the car
  3. Warnings provided with the car
    • Generally, a car manufacturer may be liable for damages caused by a defective vehicle if:
    • The manufacturer knew, or should have known, that there was a danger with the design of the car
    • That even though the design was safe, there was a danger in the manufacturing process
    • Or, while the design and manufacturing process were safe, a warning was needed to alert drivers to a specific issue, and it was not provided

Call a Missouri Personal Injury Lawyer if You’ve Been Injured

If you believe that you have been hurt in a Missouri accident because your car was defective, then we encourage you to contact an experienced attorney today at (573) 240-8866 to schedule an initial consultation. Our Missouri defective product lawyers will work hard to investigate your case, to find out the specific cause of your accident, and to hold those responsible for your injuries accountable so that you can make a fair recovery.

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