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Missouri Trucking Accident Lawyers: Top Reasons Trucking Accidents Happen

Collisions with commercial trucks happen frequently on I-44 (the biggest conduit for trucking in the country), Highway 54, and I-70. After a Missouri truck crash on one of these major roadways, there is a lot to prove. You must demonstrate that the truck driver, trucking company, or another party acted negligently. This can be difficult to do, especially as time progresses, repairs are made, and the accident scene changes.

One consideration that can help you in negotiating your claim is to understand why truck accidents happen. Knowing the common causes of truck accidents can help you determine and prove how your truck accident in Missouri occurred and who is at fault for your severe injuries.

Here are some of the top causes of Missouri trucking accidents.

  • Inexperienced drivers. When a truck driver is not experienced behind the wheel of a large vehicle, such as an eighteen-wheeler or commercial truck, technique and safety concerns are not always adhered to. This can lead to serious mistakes in judgment, and catastrophic truck crashes.
  • Drowsy drivers. Truck drivers are under significant pressure to get their goods to market on time. This can cause them drive for longer periods of time than they should. When a truck driver is drowsy, they are less aware of what is happening on the road and more likely to cause a collision.
  • Improperly secured goods. Heavy loads and awkwardly shaped items can cause a truck to lose control if the load is not correctly balanced and secured. When a truck driver fails to adequately set up his truck to drive safely on the road, one turn or shift in the cargo can cause a serious accident.
  • Driving impaired. Impaired driving is dangerous regardless of the size of vehicle. When a truck driver drinks or takes drugs and then gets behind the wheel, his mental and physical capabilities are impaired, causing him to potentially be involved in a truck accident.

No matter what the cause of your Missouri truck accident, you have legal rights. Contact a Missouri truck accident attorney at Price & Randle, LLC, to put an experienced advocate on your side. We will work with you to help you resolve your claim quickly and fairly. Call us toll free today at (573) 240-8866 to schedule a free consultation!