BikeFest Lake of the Ozarks 2015: Staying Safe on the Open Road

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With an estimated 35,000 people expected to attend the festival, local shops and eateries are advertising their establishments as “bike friendly” and are sure to be overflowing with patrons who were “born to be wild.”

While a boon for local business and a testament to the indefatiguable ability of Lake residents to attract tourists year after year, the increased bike traffic also means an increased risk of accidents for motorcyclists and the vehicles sharing the road with them. One motorcycle accident has already been reported since BikeFest 2015 commenced on Thursday, September 17th. A Stoutland resident was riding south on Route T in Camden County Thursday evening when his bike struck a deer and he was thrown. The man sustained serious injuries and was transported Lake Regional Hospital in Osage Beach for treatment.

Fortunately, there are some safety guidelines that can be followed to mitigate the risk of accident. The Missouri Department of Transportation recommends that motorists driving near motorcyclists do the following to stay safe:

  • Allow some extra distance between you and the motorcycle to ensure everyone has time to stop in case of emergency.
  • Be vigilant—stay on the lookout for bikes, as they are smaller than regular vehicles and can be harder to see.

Some additional guidelines are offered specifically for bikers:

  • Helmets—the number one recommendation made by MODOT is for bikers to wear helmets. Not only is it the law to do so in Missouri, but a substantial amount of evidence has demonstrated a lowered risk of head injury for riders wearing helmets who are involved in accidents.
  • Do not share lanes with other riders or drivers. Each operator requires a full lane of the roadway to traverse it safely.

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