Could More Missouri Distracted Driving Accidents Be Avoided?

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Distracted driving accidents are a significant public health risk in Missouri and around the country. The government and other groups spend a significant amount of time and resources raising awareness about the risks of distracted driving crashes, in an effort to reduce the number of crashes, injuries, and fatalities. Raising awareness is an important part of preventing future crashes, but what if more could be done?

New Report Suggests That More Specific Actions Can Be Taken to Prevent Distracted Driving Crashes

A recent survey of the states released by the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) looked at what the individual states are currently doing to prevent distracted driving accident injuries and fatalities. The survey found that our state sees the following as obstacles to preventing Missouri distracted driving accidents:

  • Lack of funding for enforcement of existing laws.
  • Lack of funding for education.
  • Lack of funding for media.
  • Lack of campaign materials.

Additionally, Missouri laws only ban novice drivers from texting and driving. There are currently no other state restrictions on using a cell phone while driving.

What to Do if You’ve Been Hurt in a Missouri Distracted Driving Crash

Ultimately, the state is not responsible for protecting you from distracted driving accidents. Instead, it is the responsibility of every driver to act with reasonable care and to avoid causing a distracted driving wreck.

If a distracted driver has hurt you, then you may have the right to recover damages for your injuries. Please contact an experienced Missouri car accident attorney today for more information about your rights and your possible recovery. Our lawyers can be reached via this website or by calling (573) 240-8866 to schedule an initial consultation. We also invite you to download a FREE copy of our book, The Lies Smart People Believe About Missouri Insurance Claims, to learn more.

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