3 Most Common Missouri Motorcycle Accidents: See the list here!

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Three common types of motorcycle accidents:

The rate of occurance for motorcycle accidents is statistically no different than automobile accidents.  However, the seriousness of the injuries sustained by motorcycle riders is significantly higher.  As any rider knows, when a motorcycle and a car, truck or tractor trailer go head to head, the motorcycle will lose.  The greatest defenses motorcycle riders have to avoid becoming a statistic is are education and awareness.  Below are three common types of motorcycle accidents, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration:

  1.  Head-on Collisions

Head on Collision account for over half of all motorcycle fatalities in the United States.  The other vehicle is usually a passenger vehicle.  The driver of the passenger vehicle is usually at fault. The reason most often cited for the collision is that the driver of the passenger vehicle simply did not see the motorcycle.

  1. Left-hand turns

Almost 42% of all motorcycle fatalities are due to the negligence of drivers making left-hand turns.  The most common scenario is one in which the automobile is making a left-hand turn and the motorcycle is going straight through the intersection.  Often, the driver of the automobile is trying to hurry through the intersection and misjudges the amount of time that is required to safely do so.  Unless the motorcycle is in the wrong lane or is speeding, fault is almost always on the automobile driver.

  1. Fixed Objects (including road hazards)

25% of motorcycle accidents are caused by fixed objects on or near the road.  This can include potholes, gravel, wet road conditions, dead animals and utility poles.  Often there is not enough time to react to a dangerous road condition.  Situational awareness, practice and experience are some of the ways riders can protect themselves.  Even a single vehicle motorcycle accident’s cause may be attributed to the negligence of someone else.  Many fixed objects in the road did not get there by themselves.

People who ride motorcycles are passionate about the hobby.  To many, it is a way of life.  However, the other drivers that should be sharing the road with motorcycles don’t always consider the multiple factors that can cause a motorcycle accident.  A motorcyclist is not protected by a steel cage.  Most motorcycles do not have safety features such as airbags.  The human body, even with helmets and protective gear, is very fragile.  Any accident has the potential to cause serious, and often fatal, injury.  The costs associated with an accident, such as medical care, lost wages and disfigurement can affect a rider and his family for life.

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Source:  www.nhtsa.gov/staticfiles/nti/pdf/811280.pdf

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