Missouri Motorcycle Accidents: Common Causes

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Before you ride, think about something common.  Every day in Missouri, riders just like you are being injured in motorcycle accidents.  Many of these accident result in serious injury and unfortunately, sometimes they even result in death.  There are many, many causes of motorcycle accidents, but some are more common than others.  Riders and automobile drivers should keep these in mind.  With education and awareness, the already too high number of motorcycle accidents may be lowered.

Single-Motorcycle Accidents:

As every rider knows, two wheels are less stable than four.  Motorcycles are susceptible to sliding, skidding, toppling and flipping.  Even experienced riders can lay a bike down, although it is more common with new riders.  Wet riding conditions, gravel in the roadway and curving or unfamiliar roads are all contributors.   Even familiar roads can become dangerous from one ride to the next, as road construction, road deterioration and spilled substances all affect road conditions.  Combine this with motorcycle defects, animal collisions and something as simple as operator fatigue, and it is no wonder that such accidents are so common.  However, with proper practice, training and awareness, many of these accidents could be prevented.

Sudden-Stop Collision Accidents:

Sudden Stop collisions are the motorcycle equivalent of an automobile rear-end collision.  When two automobiles collide, and one car is rear-ended by another, the results can be terrible.  If an automobile rear ends an motorcycle, it can be devastating.  Many automobile/automobile rear end accidents result in  minor injuries.  Cars are designed to withstand a certain degree of impact, and in doing so, give their occupants a relative degree of protection.  When a motorcycle is rear ended by the much heavier automobile, the rider can easily be crushed, thrown from the bike or thrown up and over the automobile.  The incidence of serious injury becomes much greater in such an accident.  Riders must always be aware of how close other vehicles are following them, and be especially vigilant at stop lights and intersections.  Automobile drivers need to be aware of just how poorly protected motorcycle riders are from collision.

Motorcycle-Car Collision Accidents:

As stated in a previous post, most motorcycle accidents occur because automobile drivers did not see the motorcycle.  It is not uncommon for an at-fault driver to have simply “looked through” a motorcycle and its driver.  Motorcycles, in comparison to most other vehicles on the road, are small and hard to see.  They can blend in with the shape and color of the vehicles behind them.  If inclement weather or darkness are present, the problem is compounded.  Automobile drivers needs to be vigilant about sharing the road with motorcycles.  Be aware of blind spots, and never assume the road or intersections are clear.  Riders need to be aware, or better yet, assume, that automobile drivers may not see them.

Most accidents could have been prevented.  The effects of a motorcycle can last a lifetime, not only for the injured rider, but also for the automobile driver.

If you or a loved one has been injured or affected by a motorcycle accident, please contact the Law Firm of Price & Randle, LLC for a free consultation.

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