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Eight Injured in Multiple-Vehicle Accident near Jefferson City—the Impact of Road Debris on Highway Safety

Debris on the road

Eight persons were injured during a collision involving three vehicles near Jefferson City on Wednesday, December 2nd. At approximately 7:40 that evening, two vehicles, a Dodge Dart and a Toyota Camry, were traveling west on Highway 54 near Twin Bridges Road in Cole County when they encountered debris in the roadway. Both cars slowed to avoid hitting the object(s), but a third vehicle traveling behind the others, a Buick Century, was unable to decelerate in time and rear-ended the Toyota, pushing it into the Dodge. An infant, three teens, and four adults were injured in the accident and were transported to local hospitals for medical treatment.

According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, road debris causes approximately 20,000 motor vehicle accidents and as many as one hundred deaths in the U.S. each year. Although accidents involving road debris as the primary precipitant comprise a fairly small percentage of total accidents, research indicates that there is a higher incidence of injury when road debris is involved. Types of debris typically found on highways include:  litter, food, tree limbs, rocks, automobile parts, animal carcasses, construction materials, and many more.

These hazards are often thrust unexpectedly into the roadway because of unsecured loads, accidents, or severe weather. Drivers usually have little time to react and take safe evasive action when these perils are encountered, so it is important to be prepared for such a scenario at all times.

Road debris safety tips:

  • Allow plenty of distance between vehicles.
  • If a load on the vehicle appears unsecured, allow even more distance or change lanes.
  • Maintain constant vigilance for any objects in the roadway.