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Lethal guardrails and faulty design: Are you at risk?

8 Guardrail deaths attributed to design flaws:

Trinity Industries Inc. manufactures a guardrail system, the ET-plus, that has been linked to at least 8 deaths nationwide. The guardrails, upon impact, are supposed to give way. However, it is claimed that instead of compacting and absorbing the impact, the guardrails seize up and essentially pierce the vehicles.

Crash tests were mandated by the Federal Highway Administration in December 2014, continuing through January 2015 to evaluate the safety of the guardrail designs.

Of great concern to lawmakers is information that Trinity began making undisclosed version of their guardrail systems to cover up the original, potentially lethal, design flaw. If this information is true, then there are potentially thousands and thousands of defective guardrail systems may be lining America’s highways.