Accidental Firearm Discharge: The Real Culprit…Might you have a claim?

We hear frequently from gunshot victims or families of vicitms whose statute of limitations has expired.  This means there may have been a valid claim against someone for a firearm discharge, but the victims failed to act fast enough to make a claim and the legal deadline to file a claim passed.  Tragically a claim for damages […]

Not Everyone Can File a Missouri Wrongful Death Case… Can You?

The person who died may have been your spouse, parent, or child. He may have been your sibling, aunt, or uncle. You, and the rest of your family, are understandably devastated that someone else’s negligence has taken your loved one from you, and you have decided that a wrongful death action should be filed. The […]

How to Prove a Fatal Auto Accident Is Also a Missouri Wrongful Death

While you’ve always recognized the dangers of fatal Missouri car crashes, you never thought that your family would suffer such a tragedy. Now, you are left with many questions. You likely want to know why the accident happened and whether you can make a legal recovery for the unimaginable harm that has been done to […]

Useful Tips to Help Your Case from Our Reputable Missouri Personal Injury Lawyers. Offices at the Lake of the Ozarks in Osage Beach, MO.

Accidental Firearm Discharge: The Real Culprit Deaths and serious injuries happen every day in Missouri from gunshot wounds but victims often mistakenly believe that there is no valid claim for damages. How to Protect Kids When a Parent Is Killed in an Osage Beach Car Accident Learn what you and an experienced Missouri wrongful death […]

Common Causes of Missouri Wrongful Deaths

When you lose someone you love, the devastation can be overwhelming. Wrongful death in Missouri involves a person having the duty to care for another person. When they make a mistake or intentionally do something to put another person’s life in jeopardy causing a fatality, they are responsible for wrongful death. The following are some […]

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